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Smart Insights, by Intelling: a blog about the Secure Transactions industry.


Smart Insights covers the smart card and secure transactions industry, its businesses, its technologies, its markets as well as its technology suppliers. Smart Insights covers all the major trends in the industry, it encompasses worldwide business, standardization bodies ...


Smart Insights is brought to you by Intelling, the secure transactions industry expert. Intelling proposes services in communication, strategy, marketing and market intelligence, with a strong focus on all markets relating to the secure transactions industry.


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Startup SAFARI gives you a look behind the scenes of this amazing startup ecosystem.

The city extracts itself as a magnificent city for founders and is known as one of the Startup Hotspots in Europe. 

To meet the most important startups of your ecosystem, set your own Startup SAFARI agenda and visit founders,  coworking spaces and accelerators in their own offices to create meaningful connections.

Meet students, startups, VC’s, coworking spaces and accelerators of your startup scene and create meaningful connections. Dive deep into the local startup scene and experience the startup lifestyle with Startup SAFARI.

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Railway PRO Communication Platform is the most effective communication tool of the
railway business environment, tailored for the specific needs of railway professionals and investors in order to provide them with the latest business opportunities existing on the market.

The emphasis is put on the international railway commercial sector, our dedicated readers having access to information related to the latest technologies available, ongoing and future projects as well as being a strategic source of knowledge for companies interested in identifying business partners.


Railway PRO Magazine is the foremost international monthly publication that offers its readers from 140 countries the latest and most valuable news, covering all aspects of the railway industry. Available in print as well as online, we keep our readers constantly informed, even when they are on the move. Besides the attractive advertising solutions that deliver the desired results, the magazine also provides the possibility to promote your company and address the railway business community directly, through interviews and advertorials.
Find out more about our products and services at:
For advertising contact us:
T. +44 131 618 9828

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The Railway Gazette Group is the leading provider of news, analysis and 
intelligence for the international railway industry. Our online, digital 
and print content is read in more than 140 countries, by operators, 
regulators and the supply industry. The flagship 
keeps readers informed of the latest rail industry news from the 
passenger and freight sectors. Metro, tram and light rail news is 
covered on, which also offers a window on the 
changing landscape of urban mobility.

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